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The Knot

This is a past event


15 July 2021 - 5 September 2021
24 Hours

Become delightfully entangled in an art experience like no other.

Taking centre-stage at Fed Square this winter is a bold, large-scale, immersive artwork, never before seen in Australia from French artist Cyril Lancelin – The Knot.

The Knot is based on a knitting node or trefoil knot, with several nodes juxtaposed and connected by a continuous line. The immersive installation is designed to both fill a space and divide it into different sections, becoming a maze of passages that invite you to bend down, step over, and weave through to get around.

As you experience this artwork, you also become part of it as your movements diverge and intersect with those of others.

Each evening The Knot will be illuminated as it lights up our chilly winter nights.

We invite you to become delightfully entangled in The Knot!

About Cyril Lancelin

Cyril Lancelin (born in 1975, Lyon, France) is a French artist. Combining technology and art, he envisions sculptures and images bringing the viewer in his digital world, mixing fiction and reality. His work often engages the public in immersive installations, forcing the viewer to question their own relationship toward their built environment.

Using parametric tools, he utilises a vocabulary of classical shapes and volumetric spaces essential to create unique structures. In his vision, forms are used at the architectural scale to create experiential art. All his works on paper or built are always associated with the relationship to the human body, questioning the scale, but mainly bringing identity inside each social image.

Cyril Lancelin lives and works in Lyon, France.

Watch video with Cyril Lancelin

In this video, artist Cyril Lancelin is interviewed by Dr Ted Gott, Senior Curator of International Art at the National Gallery of Victoria, and Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie, Honorary Consul General of France in Melbourne at Fed Square. With introduction by Fed Square’s CEO, Caroline (Ralph) Ralphsmith.

Interview in English

Interview in French

About Fed Square

World-class art galleries and installations. A diverse range of food and drink. Thrilling, extraordinary events that capture the hearts of Melburnians year after year. Fed Square is anything but square. Since opening in 2002, Fed Square has seen more than 100 million visits and been named the 6th Best Public Square in the World. Frankly, we’re slaying out here and it’s nice to be recognised.

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Anything But Square Winter
Past Event
Expected the unexpected this winter at Fed Square!
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A Taste of The Knot
Past Event
Enhance your sensory experience of The Knot with a special dish, dessert or drink! While Fed Square is awash in glorious pink light this winter – thanks to the presence of internationally-renowned French artist Cyril Lancelin’s The Knot – drop in at one of our many bars, restaurants and cafes to complete your Knot sensory experience! Sip a classic French martini, dine on a delicious rosewater rice pudding or go the whole-hog and enjoy a full-blown French-inspired six-course degustation: we’ve got it all! And throughout the season of The Knot, we are also giving away special offers on many of these menu items, so keep your eyes peeled! We also have a very special Knot-themed masterclass from the King of Desserts, Darren Purchese (of Burch & Purchese). Check out how to make his dessert that is Knot a Tarte below … Bon appétit!
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CANCELLED: Frenchy Weekends
Past Event
Due to ongoing stay-at-home restrictions, Frenchy Weekends has now been cancelled. The Knot will be staying at Fed Square until September 19, so we look forward to sharing Cyril Lancelin’s incredible, immersive sculpture with you all when we return. Celebrate all things French this winter with live music, Frenchy Fed Free Workshops, giveaways and French films! As winter darkens our nights and The Knot lights up the Square in a pink hazy glow, we invite you to experience the essence of the French notion of joir de vivre! Every weekend Fed Square will be effervescing with fun and French-themed activity: Experience live music from bands or DJs each night, playing everything from classic French tunes to banging French electronica. Attend a Mimosas and Monet or Beers and Brushes art class. Learn how to host a French party – escargot anyone? Score some free giveaways, like delicious Posh Brioche or a pink parapluie! Watch a classic French film, curated by our friends at Alliance Française de Melbourne. So bring your favourite Francophile, your bestie or your beau, and head down to Fed Square for Frenchy Weekends! Free blankets are also available at each film screening for a gold coin donation – all proceeds will go to the Sacred Heart Mission – so you’ll stay toasty warm in a comfortable deckchair. Check out the full program below. Presented by Fed Square in partnership with Alliance Française de Melbourne.
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