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An image of large green beans in a bowl next to a bowl of peaches with large zucchini and pumpkin behind the bowls

Recipes from futurefoodsystem

Award-winning chefs Jo Barrett and Matt Stone have made futurefoodsystem their home since February 2021.

The no-waste, self-sustaining, off-grid urban farm situated at Fed Square has been providing the inspiration for their daily culinary experiments, as they serve up delicious, fresh, daily feasts solely from the produce the house has generated – including fruit, veggies, plants, herbs, mushrooms, snails, crickets, yabbies and more.

Check out some of their recipes below, for your own urban farming or seasonal cooking inspiration!

Chilli frittata
Jo's chilli frittata with rocket pesto and spring garnish

A quick, fresh, protein-packed dish, enlivened by a flavourful garnish made from a variety of raw ingredients from your spring garden.

Fried potato dumplings filled with spring salad on a beige bowl
Jo's fried potato dumplings and spring salad

As Jo says, they’re sort of like a savoury, filled potato cake. Don’t be frightened by the list of ingredients, these can easily be made using replacement filling ingredients, whatever you have at hand.

Jo's spring pancake

Jo uses a medley of greens in this creative and delicious take on a pancake!

Matt's kale bone broth

This recipe makes the most of the woody, fibrous stalks of older vegetables, which are grilled for extra flavour before simmering on the stove to release their flavour and nutrients.

A white tea cup icon with a herbal leaf sticking out of the top on a pink background
Jo’s herbal tea

Every morning, Jo Barrett likes to wake up with a special fresh-leaf brewed tea, from whatever she finds in the futurefoodsystem garden.

A white chard leaf icon on a blue background
Matt’s roasted chard satay roulade

A delicious, roasted veggie feast, Matt’s roasted chard roulade makes the most of fresh, large chard leaves and a flavourful marinade, bringing extra flavour profile by roasting the whole roulade over the hot coals.

A white asparagus icon on a green background
Jo’s snowpea and spring asparagus salad with chilli oil dressing

Seeing the first asparaguses of spring pop up is a special time at futurefoodsystem. And what better inspiration for a fresh, crunchy salad that makes the most of the delicious produce.