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Greenhouse by Joost


This is a past event


1 January 2021 - 30 June 2022
24 Hours


River Terrace


Lift access
Wheelchair accessible

Getting There

“The way we grow, harvest, transport, sell and eat our food is the most destructive human activity on the planet” – Joost Bakker

Imagine solving the world’s biggest problem’s by simply changing the way we live. futurefoodsystem is attempting just that.

Joost Bakker’s living, no-waste eco-house is situated smack bang in the middle of Fed Square’s River Terrace, complete with aquaponics, solar power, micro-farms, a charcoal tank and rooftop garden.

From February until November, 2021, futurefoodsystem was home to celeb foodies Matt Stone and Jo Barrett, who spent their days harvesting, cooking and eating the food this 100% sustainable modern urban farm produces – while all waste produced by the house is fed back into the house’s systems: a closed-loop.

Intrigued? Well, there are a few other ways that you can get up close and personal with futurefoodsystem including:

  • The interactive virtual tour
  • Joost Asks: The weekly Instagram takeover livestreams, where Joost interviews someone who has been instrumental to the design or construction of futurefoodsystem, including technology entrepreneurs and sustainability heroes. Every Wednesday at 12pm AEDT, and available in our story highlights on Instagram
  • The Green Chef: the weekly video series where Joost invites someone well-loved in Australian hospitality, including famous chefs and cooks, to create a recipe based on ingredients at futurefoodsystem. The videos will be released on YouTube and via our website every Monday, and the recipes published here on our website each week
  • You can check out the range of futurefoodsystem recipes you can try at home.

Watch the videos here! 

Length 8:23

Length 1:9:34

Length 2:13

Length 2:55

Length 2:27

The Ecosystem

futurefoodsystem is a self sustaining, closed loop, two-bedroom home that will shelter, feed and provide energy for its inhabitants.

The human driven system will mimic nature up-cycling what we currently regard as ‘waste’, in order to grow delicious, nutrient-dense produce.

The Concept

The concept has been designed to ensure all building processes and living systems are inclusive and openly available to the public:

  • Open source design
  • Building materials and manufacture
  • Community education

Length 0:25

For regular updates follow:


Find out more how it all works, and follow futurefoodsystem activities here.

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