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Date Posted

May 19th, 2019

Fed Square Pty Ltd today announced the appointment of Endeavor Global Marketing (EGM), the cultural marketing agency within Endeavor whose expertise spans advertising, branding, digital, experiential, public relations, sponsorship, influencer and content.

EGM will work with Fed Square to create and run campaigns that maximise experiential, sponsorship and commercial efforts, and help ensure the square remains one of Melbourne’s key cultural landmarks and iconic meeting places for the community.

The marketing efforts signal Fed Square’s rejuvenated sponsorship ambitions, as it aims to identify and work with others who are committed to reimagining a square that best reflects and serve the community.

EGM and Fed Square also recognised the growing demand amongst audiences for meaningful experiences and exciting ways to interact with cultural moments and with one another, and the distinct advantages Fed Square offers brands looking to meet this demand.

“Fed Square has long been a cultural hub for Melbourne and a space where creativity, curiosity and inspiration collide, and we are always keen to work with partners who can continue delivering value to the community,” said Suzana Bishop, General Manager, Commercial and Public Engagement at Fed Square. “We are confident that, working with Endeavor Global Marketing, we will be able to attract like-minded partners to Fed Square.”

“Endeavor Global Marketing is passionate about enhancing the consumer experience, and we’re excited to collaborate with Fed Square, which is perfectly poised to do so,” said Jason Fielding, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of EGM in Australia. “We believe EGM can bring a lot of value to municipal partnerships, drawing from our extensive cultural insights and network. We’re excited to work with the great team at Fed Square to deliver marketing solutions that engage audiences and increase brand exposure.”

For all media enquiries please contact: Andrew Baber at andrew.baber@fedsquare.com.