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Giveaway Terms and Conditions

Our Vision for Fed Sq

To be recognised internationally as a contemporary world site and Melbourne’s inspirational public space.

To manage and develop Fed Square to actively support and reflect Melbourne’s pre-eminent civic and cultural strengths.

This giveaway is a Trade Promotion Lottery in Accordance with Victorian law.

A trade promotion lottery is any scheme that gives away prizes by any means that include an element of chance at any stage. Even if partially skills-based, it still has to be conducted in accordance with the regulations.

While a permit isn’t required, all trade promotion lotteries conducted in Victoria must comply with the conditions in the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 and Gambling Regulations 2015.

The conditions for the conduct of this trade promotion lottery is as follows:

  • Entry is free.
  • It is not a precondition for entry that an entrant has played a gaming machine, or participated in a loyalty scheme that requires an entrant to play a gaming machine
  • Written consent is obtained from the persons whose trade or business is to be promoted by the lottery
  • The lottery is conducted to benefit primarily the trade or business being promoted
  • No scratch and win cards are involved.
  • Information used to promote the lottery includes:
    1. The closing date of the lottery
    2. Where and when the lottery will be drawn
    3. The name and date of the publication in which winners’ names will be published
    4. The entry requirements
  • Certain records will be kept for a period of three years after finalisation of the lottery that provide:
    1. an accurate financial accounting of the lottery
    2. an accurate accounting for all entries
    3. an accurate report of the distribution of prizes.
  • The winners of prizes will be advised in writing of the prize
  • The method of the draw allows each ticket in the draw a random and equal chance of being drawn
  • The winner of a prize will not incur a cost to accept a prize
  • If information about entrants is to be used for a purpose other than the conduct of the lottery, this is stated in the conditions of entry
  • We will not use entrants’ information except in accordance with the purposes stated in the condition of entry
  • Entrants are not required to be present at the drawing of the lottery to be eligible to win a prize
  • The prize will be transferred to the winner within 28 days after the draw
  • The winner of a prize will only be substituted via a second draw, and only if the conditions of entry allow it and if reasonable efforts were made to identify the winner that were unsuccessful
  • This trade promotion lottery is conducted in a manner that is not offensive and that is not contrary to the public interest
  • A prize may only be substituted if the substituted prize is of the same or greater value than the original prize and the winner either agrees in writing, or the original prize is unavailable due to circumstances beyond the control of the person conducting the trade promotion lottery and reasonable attempts are made to reach agreement with the winner that are unsuccessful.
  • Prizes are to be distributed to winners either by electronic mail where possible or a pickup point at Fed Square.
  • Winners will be notified by electronic mail.