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Filming and Photography

Our Vision for Fed Square

Fed Square is a globally iconic destination and Melbourne’s gathering place, where visitors are immersed in unique cultural experiences and architecture that celebrate Victoria’s rich heritage and identity.

General Filming

Fed Square is a film and photography friendly location however given the space is busy and used for a variety of events, filming and photography does require a permit from Fed Square Pty Ltd (FSPL.)

A film/photography permit ensures the space is used safely and that there is no disruption to events, activations and visitor experience.

For information regarding filming with a drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), please refer to the City of Melbourne website.

Filming and photography permits are required for:

  • Commercial stills photography
  • Television commercials, documentaries, music videos
  • Brand promotion
  • Low impact filming*
  • Major impact filming*

There are two types of filming/photography permits.  Low Impact and Major Impact (please see details below).

*Low impact filming is assessed as having minimal impact. This could include but is not limited to:

  • A filming activity involving no more than 6 people
  • Maximum time on site is no more than 2 hours
  • No more than 2 cameras, 2 tripods, and handheld sound recording equipment
  • Public pathways, footpaths and roads must remain accessible
  • No access to power

*Major impact filming is assessed as having an impact on the site with extensive equipment and crew and could include but is not limited to:

  • A filming activity involving more than 6 people
  • Equipment including tripods, dollies, multiple cameras, generators and lighting
  • Requirement for tents and/or marquees
  • Production trucks and cars
  • Requirement for reserved parking
  • Requirement of a traffic management plan

*Please note FSPL venue hire rates are applicable for all Major Impact filming and some Low Impact Filming.

Media Filming Guidelines

Fed Square welcomes news media on site (including weather crosses and other PR opportunities); however, media are required to seek permission to be onsite at Fed Square.  Media activities must not interrupt or interfere with general operations or events.

Live crosses are permitted with prior arrangement. Please be aware that parking on Swanston Street/ Swanston Street Loading Dock is at your own risk. Fed Square cannot guarantee onsite parking access will be available.

To request site access permission, please contact:

Kathryn McLean, PR Manager

Phone: + 61 423 507 385 (business hours only)

Email: Kathryn.McLean@fedsquare.com

Fed Square Businesses

Cultural institutions and restaurants/cafes in Fed Square are privately owned and operated. If you wish to conduct filming or photography in any of these locations please contact them directly for permission.

Please visit the following web pages for contact details:

Restaurants/Cafes – www.fedsquare.com/eat-drink

Cultural Institutions – www.fedsquare.com/shop-visit

Permit Applications

Please fill out one of the following application forms:

Brand, organisation or individual
Media purposes
Media event on site

Please note, if you do not have permission from FSPL for filming/photography onsite, you may be required to cease filming.

**Please allow 5 working days for low impact filming approvals, and 14 working days for medium/high impact filming approvals.

Fed Cam

Fed Cam is an interactive experience at Fed Square where a camera streams live images from the main square to fedsquare.com/fed-cam. From time to time images can be viewed on the Big Screen in the main square. Images are not retained by Fed Square.