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Virtual Little Food Festival

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Free Events
Virtual Health + Wellness
Virtual Kids


24 Hours

If you can’t attend the Little Food Festival in person we’ve prepared an online taste right here for you, complete with a competition for you to win a few little items! Perfect to keep the kids occupied during school holidays, or a rainy weekend!

The Little Food Festival is brought to you by the Sandro Demaio Foundation, Monash University,  and Fed Square with major partners the Gandel Foundation and The City of Melbourne.

Now it’s time to get into all of the different activities we have cooked up for you around the food system. What is the food system you ask? Well, hit play on the video below to find out. Then check out our activity menu below and dive in.

Animation by Jessica Caine, Monash Communication Design

Remember to check out all of the activities below and then see the different options you have for entering our competition.

Competition Time

We’d love to see what you’re getting up to at home, and have prepared a few little challenges we’d love for you to share with us for your chance to win a $50 Readings voucher!

Enter now!

The Little Food Festival Online

Food Miles

Transporting and Processing

How far does our food travel to be on our plate, or in our bellies? To begin to answer this question, watch this video and then download the activity booklet. Spend time working your way through the activities to find out how far your favourite meal has travelled to get to you.

Once you have done that, check out the competition page and send us your picture of your favourite meal, tell us how many miles it travelled and share one idea for reducing your meal’s food miles.

Download Booklet
STEM Leftovers Lab


What should we do with our leftovers? Enter the STEM Leftovers Lab to discover ways you can use science to increase the shelf life of food so we can help reduce waste in the household. Click here to begin your preservation adventure!

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Game On

Learn more about the food system through these really cool games, made by our friends at Monash University. You can make your own scratch game about the food system by either remixing these games or creating your own.

OzHarvest – Cooking with Colin Fassnidge


Join FEAST Ambassador & My Kitchen Rules Chef Colin Fassnidge and his two beautiful daughters cooking the FEAST Crunchy noodle salad!

Watch Video
Gardening with Sandro Demaio


Join everyone’s favourite green healthy hero for a spot of spring-time gardening.

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Afro Hub


Join the team from Afro Hub as they take you though a cooking session with a twist (or is that a bend?) and a dance class that will have you up on your feet in no time!

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Zero waste

Do you want to become a Food Waste Fighter?

In this video, Maddie from OzHarvest shows us how we can do just that!

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Bee Healthy

Zero waste

Want to know what upcycling is all about?

Grab the scissors and a plastic bottle and join Adam from Bee Healthy.

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