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The Eyes

This is a past event


1 July 2022 - 7 August 2022
24 Hours


Main Square


Lift access
Wheelchair accessible

Getting There

Explore your discomfort as The Eyes watch you, watching them, watching you – this winter at Fed Square.

As you stand in the centre of Fed Square, an 8 metre high sculpture of a head made of eyes – so many eyes! – looking down on you, what do you feel? Awkward? Afraid? Intrigued?

The hairs on the back of your neck stand up as you try to work out which of the eyes is actually looking at you – and then you realise: other, smaller, baby offshoot eyes are spying on you, from around the square.

Enter uncanny valley with The Eyes, this winter at Fed Square.

The centrepiece of our Anything But Square: Under Surveillance program, The Eyes is a colossal inflatable sculpture of amorphous, ever-present, ever-watching eyes, by artist studio Cool Shit and commissioned by Fed Square.

It’s so creepy – you’re going to love it.

About the work

Over the last two decades our attention and ability to focus has dwindled and has been slowly consumed with the increasing barrage of available information and communication technology that craves our gaze and attention. It is a metaphor commenting on the constant surveillance that happens from external factors such as CCTV and the abundance of smartphone cameras. It also talks to the fact that we ourselves willingly give up our personal information, interests, location and more in this new data rich society. This project “The Eyes” highlights this in a lighthearted, colourful and playful installation.

Explore The Eyes Insta filter

Create the ultimate Instagram moment, with “The Eyes Fed Square” Instagram filter. But do you dare, when so many eyes are watching you?

The creative team

Cool Shit is a team of nonconformists making larger-than-life inflatable sculptures, event props and thought-provoking production concepts.

It started with Lionel Richie’s head. Since then, they have been to Coachella, Art Basel (a few times), popped-up in East London and even exhibited in Australia. Their creations are quickly reaching as far as the Internet.

As a studio, they have worked hard to make a name for themselves and their clients, but as artists, they just want to wake up everyone’s inner child with absurdly memorable tongue-in-cheek experiences.

Learn more at https://coolshit.art/about

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