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2–27 September 2023


The Atrium
The Edge


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Getting There

Time to take a breath – renew, refresh and reinvent.   

This spring at Fed Square, RESET offers us an opportunity to start afresh.  

Renew those good intentions to plant some seedlings, start a compost bin or learn how to darn our woollies.  

Refresh our ideas and get inspired by new ways of living sustainably.   

And let’s reinvent the way we do things – tiny changes in our daily lives add up to big collective impact. It’s never too late to start.  

RESET is a full program of events and activations, including markets, festivals, immersive activities and practical and creative workshops, to inspire us all to make some little – or big – changes to our daily life, to help minimise our negative impact on the environment, and increase our positive impact.  

This spring, why not join us at Fed Square to reaffirm our commitment – big or small – to make a positive change?  

Let’s RESET, together. 

Check out the program below:

The back wheel of a child's bicycle is connected to a power unit
Pedal Power Pictures

19–22 September, 10am & 1pm | The Edge

Jump on a bike to help power a film! Pedal Power Pictures will be screening a rotation of Environmental Film Festival shorts and classic Studio Ghibli animated films. Help pedal-power the pictures on one of the Pedal Power bikes. How much effort does it take?

Plants that are robotic in a glass cube large enough for several people to fit in comfortably sits in a garden
Numinous Bloom

23–24 September | Atrium

Visitors please note: Numinous Bloom will not be open on Friday 22 November as previously advertised. Numinous Bloom will open on Saturday 23 September.

Enter an interactive mechanical garden of wonder, featuring triggered animatronics, sound and light. Designed for all ages, Numinous Bloom is an installation you can play, using technology to mimic the way plants communicate with each other through symbiotic relationships with fungi. 

A woman performing with a puppet on her hand made from trash and wearing an outfit made from trash as well

26–27 September, 10am - 3:30pm | The Edge, The Atrium

Come and join Melbourne’s own Trash Puppets for a free performance, a creative workshop, or both, and learn how everyday rubbish can be transformed into puppets in your own home.

Spring Cooking at Fed Square

Online recipes

As part of RESET we have curated a collection of delicious and sustainable meals that you can prepare at home. All thanks to our award-winning restaurants and their innovative chefs.



Past events:

Zero Waste Festival

Saturday 2 September, 10am–7pm | The Atrium, The Edge

Repair, reuse, recycle – you’ll get heaps of ideas and inspiration for living a waste-reduced lifestyle at the Zero Waste Festival. There are market stalls, delicious waste-free lunch (thanks to Green My Plate), drop-in sessions and of course the famous Repair Café. Bring those items you’ve been planning on getting fixed – and breathe new life into old.  

A person out of shot using a spatula to pick up a piece of vegan cheesecake from a plate
Vegan Market

Saturday 9 September, 9am–2pm | The Edge

Celebrate plant-based living! Whether you’re a longtime vegan or just interested in finding ways to live more sustainably – you’ll find plenty of inspiration at the Vegan Market. Come hungry, as you can enjoy delicious vegan food, and explore market stalls of ethical and sustainable homewares, fashion, beauty products and other eco-friendly goods.  

A person in a beekeepers suit is holding a frame from a high which has lots of bees on it
Ree-bee our Community

10 September, 10am & 3.30pm | Crossbar Building Rooftop

Fed Square will install two beehives on our roof, joining an urban movement to re-bee urban spaces. The honeybee is a humble hero, a tiny environmental crusader, helping to pollinate plants and improve local biodiversity. Log in to Bee Cam to follow our bees’ journey. 

A person is holding a plastic pot with a seed sitting on top if dirt.
Refresh and reinvent: skills for life

Sunday 10 September, 11am–3pm | Atrium

This series of practical workshops will help build some life skills and reinvent the way we do things in our own home. Learn the basics of composting, fermentation or gardening in a small space. Sample honey from rooftop hives or try native bushfoods – and plant your own bushfood seedling to take home. Limited places, bookings a must.

Two people are dressed up in eclectic costume design to look like bugs in a greenhouse looking space
The Butterfly House

19–21 September, 10am & 1pm | Atrium

Visit Butterfly House and celebrate our tiny and important insect friends through immersive play. Create your own butterfly from recycled chip packets, take home a seedling to plant in your garden and wait for the real butterflies to arrive. Through puppetry and performance, explore the incredible relationships that lie at the bottom of the food chain.