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Open Canvas exhibition: Figures of Love

This is a past event


22 April 2021 - 20 May 2021
24 Hours


The Atrium


Lift access
Wheelchair accessible

Getting There

Figures of Love is a new exhibition presented by Fed Square, as part of a partnership with Open Canvas.

Open Canvas is a social enterprise that works to support artists and crafts-makers who have experienced disadvantage due to homelessness, mental illness or other forms of adversity. Support is provided by providing a platform for artists to present their work professionally and earn an income, and through the provision of art materials.

This exhibition is the first of two exhibitions to be presented at Fed Square, showcasing 40 works from 20 Open Canvas artists.

‘Figures of Love’ presents work from Open Canvas artists representing a range of styles and in varied media, including linocut; collage; oil on canvas; watercolour, pastels, pen, marker or ink on paper; and sculpture.

Listen to Anything But Square podcast episode with Open Canvas Co-Founder Dan Rath

Listen to Anything But Square podcast episode with Open Canvas artist Tristana Fitzgerald

Open Canvas Charmaine Tracey
Read interview with Open Canvas artist Charmaine Tracey

Charmaine Tracey is an Open Canvas artist who lives with Aspergers Syndrome. In this interview, she talks to us about her art, growing up in the bush, meeting the Queen, living in a graveyard and why it’s important to remain curious.

Lou Pemberton, Open Canvas artist, talks about how her art brings her joy and purpose. Lou is exhibiting in the Figures of Love exhibition at Fed Square.

Check out the full speeches from Figures of Love – now exhibiting at Fed Square.

Banner artwork:

Tristana Fitgerald

Waiting for him (2013)

Paper collage – pen on paper