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24 Hours

A place like Fed Square doesn’t spring up overnight – and it certainly doesn’t come to be where it is today without a swag of fascinating tales in tow.

As part of our new look we decided to delve into the past and create some incredible short-form docos on the history and background of Fed Square.

You’ll uncover the giant maze that hides beneath the Square, appreciate the engineering marvels and architectural significance that makes us one of the youngest heritage listed sites in the world and you’ll discover our heritage and unusual history that makes our precinct anything but square!

These mini-docs shine a light on some of our favourite stories of Fed Square – check them out below!

Fed Square is Anything But Square!

Episode 1: The Vaults

From seedy underbelly to the current home of some of the city’s best bars – Riverland and Pilgrim – the Princes Walk Vaults have a history as storied as the Square itself, as the literal foundation of Fed Square’s connection to the Yarra River.

Episode 2: The Deck

Did you know Fed Square is built on top of a giant trampoline? It’s easy to forget that Melbourne’s biggest train nexus is right underneath Fed Square – and the engineering ingenuity of how the square absorbs a city’s worth of rumbling vibrations is as fascinating as it is unbelievable.

Episode 3: The Labyrinth

Did you know there’s a giant maze underneath Fed Square? Taking inspiration from natural building techniques dating back to the Romans, the maze takes cool air from the Yarra’s morning mists to regulate the temperature – green and energy-efficient as you like. From this passive aircon system, to saving water and using solar power, our sustainability initiatives all culminate in Fed Square being a carbon neutral precinct!

Episode 4: Architecture & Design

How did a design met with divided opinion become one of the youngest Heritage listed sites on earth and the darling of architectural enthusiasts the world over? The rationale behind Fed Square’s design helps to explain why euclidean geometry played such an important role in one of Melbourne’s most misunderstood icons.

Want to learn more about Fed Square’s history and architecture?

Why not take our 360 virtual tour where you can explore over 100 interactive points of interest about the Square. Or perhaps tune in to our special 3 episode Anything But Square podcast series celebrating Fed Square’s history, heritage and architecture. To learn more about our history prior to becoming Fed Square, you may also enjoy our friends at the State Library’s Feature on Fed Square.

Our thanks to the following collections, books, libraries and organisations for their assistance with this series: