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It's A Wonderful Life

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Free Events


Sunday 27 November 2022
From 3pm


Digital Facade

Rating: PG, mild themes

Pull up a deckchair and enjoy free popcorn as you watch this heartfelt Christmas classic film on our Big Screen.

Widely considered one of the greatest films of all time, It’s A Wonderful Life (1946) tells the story of George Bailey (James Stewart), who on Christmas Eve in 1945 questions the value and purpose of his life.

When the prayers of Bailey’s family and friends reach heaven, Bailey is assigned his Guardian Angel, Clarence Odbody, to help him – in an assignment that, if successful, will earn Clarence his wings.

Bailey is taken to important moments in his life where he helped others – and is then shown how the lives of those he loves the most would have turned out, had he never existed.

Bring the family, grab your free popcorn and pull up a deckchair to watch this heartstring-tugging classic this festive season.

Presented by Fed Square in partnership with Paramount Pictures.