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Fed Free Workshops

Fed Summer
Fed Summer


7:30am - late
2021 - See full schedule for all dates

Live and learn with Fed Free Workshops, our deluxe masterclass program!

Our Masterclasses were such a hit over lockdown, we’re ratcheting it up a notch and combining them with the old school Fed Fitness for Fed Free Workshops: our regular fitness, educational and fun-filled sessions, absolutely free at Fed Square!

Choose from our limited edition summer series, or a selection of weekly year-long classes, or attend them all!

From Yoga to cocktail making, photography to IT classes, if there’s something you’ve always wanted to dip your tootsies into but never quite knew how, we’ve got it covered. Sort your chakras out with our Qigong and Tai Chi, get a wiggle on with Belly Dancing or snap the best selfie in the sun! See the schedule below.

BYO: Comfy clothes, water bottle, towel, and yoga mat for pilates and yoga classes.

Of course the health and safety of our visitors is a priority and every person entering the square is required to scan and enter their details into a Covid-compliancy system.

Workshops are capped at a maximum of 40 people. Ensure you read our Fed Free Workshop Risk Warning, below, before signing up to a Fed Free Workshop.

Year-long workshops:

Lunchtime Meditation | Atrium

Every Tuesday | 12:30pm-1pm (Lunchtime Meditation will be taking a break over Christmas and January and will return on 1 February 2022)

Escape the stress and busyness of modern life to discover the peace of meditation for yourself in these 30-minute meditation sessions, suitable for beginners and regulars alike.

Learn More
Tai Chi | Upper Square

Every Tuesday in 2022 | 7:30am - 8:30am

Exercise your mind, body and soul with Master Han Jin Song. You’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated and energized with Tai Chi, the Chinese martial art that helps promote health and relaxation. Bliss.

Gentle Dancers | The Atrium

(Postponed until further notice)

Learn the fine art of Gentle Chinese Dancing under the high ceiling of Fed Square’s Atrium. Melding traditional and contemporary dance, your class will begin with a gentle warm up and delicate stretches and continue as volunteers take you through the elegant movements of this ancient dance step-by-step.

Morning Meditation | The Atrium

Online until 16 December 2021 and onsite from 3 February 2022 | Every Thursday | 8am-8:30am

Calm in the City offers a gift to the city communities. It’s aim is simple – to enable meditation and calm to be easily accessible for all and for the art and practice of meditation to be communicated and experienced through the use of simple language and creative means.

Learn More
Qigong | Upper Square

(Postponed until further notice)

Discover the foundations of this ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves meditation, controlled breathing and movement exercises. You’ll be prepped on body alignment, while exploring gentle poses for beginners or individuals returning to exercise.


Past Workshops:

Freedance – Streetdance | The Atrium (PAST WORKSHOP)

Wednesday, 7 July | 6:30pm–7:30pm

Put your dancing shoes on, grab a friend (or three), and head down to the Atrium for three weeks of energetic dance classes in the open air, led by local artists, curated by Dancehouse. There are three class styles to choose from: Litefeet, House and Jamaican Dancehall, so you can select what suits you the best! Classes are suitable for adult movers and beginners. Registrations open 19 May.

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The Beginner's Guide to Indoor Gardening (PAST WORKSHOP)

Friday, 2nd July | 6pm – 7:30pm

In this one and a half hour workshop learn a range of basic indoor gardening skills including watering, the right light, repotting and maintaining your plants.

This informal workshop will help rid your fear of indoor gardening.

Presented by Fed Square & hosted by The Plant Society.

Register now
Freedance – Streetdance | The Atrium (PAST WORKSHOP)

Wednesday, 23 & 30 June | 6:30pm–7:30pm

Put your dancing shoes on, grab a friend (or three), and head down to the Atrium for three weeks of energetic dance classes in the open air, led by local artists, curated by Dancehouse. There are three class styles to choose from: Litefeet, House and Jamaican Dancehall, so you can select what suits you the best! Classes are suitable for adult movers and beginners. Registrations open 19 May.

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Indigenous Bush Animal Weaving with Aunty Bronwyn | The Atrium (PAST WORKSHOP)

Saturday 29 May | 11:00am–1:00pm

Inspired by the Tjanpi Desert Weavers, Aunty Bronwyn will teach you how to sculpture hay with wool to create a Bush Animal with real personality! A light-hearted workshop with a good laugh about all the funky creatures that are being created. Guests will be seated on the ground, but there will be chairs available for those that would prefer not to sit on the Atrium floor. Registrations open 21 April.

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Freedance – Queer Dance (Queer Expression and Drag Culture — Valerie Hex) | The Atrium (PAST WORKSHOP)

Wednesday 19 May | 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Drag is a way of life and quintessential in queer performance. Immerse yourself in the finer points of how to walk, perform and embody your best drag self with Valerie Hex, the drag persona of James Welsby. Find yourself and express it in a class exploring what it means to be Queer and perform it as a drag persona.

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Freedance – Queer Dance (Marnie Newton — Waacking) | The Atrium (PAST WORKSHOP)

Wednesday 12 May | 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Move your arms dramatically to the disco beat. Waacking is a queer expression founded by Black and Latinx people in 1970s Los Angeles. Burn City Waack co-founder Marnie Newton will show you the ropes to get your poses, character and performance down so you can waack just like the pioneers on the iconic American television show Soul Train.

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Freedance – Queer Dance (Kiki Targe - Vogue) | The Atrium (PAST WORKSHOP)

Wednesday 5 May | 5:30pm–6:30pm

Voguing is a style that transcends dance, representing inclusivity, respect and community based in ballroom culture from the 1980s. Learn how to spin, dip and duckwalk with the mother of Melbourne’s original voguing house, Kiki from the House of Dévine.

Image credt: Tanya McColluch

Register now
Budget Like a Boss | The Atrium (PAST WORKSHOP)

Tuesday 4 May | 6:30pm–7:45pm

Want to save more money? Yes, please! Join holistic money coach and educator, Alex Harvey, who blends work and practical financial skills to empower people to create their best life and eliminate financial stress. Alex created a kick-ass money management system which enabled her to save $30k in 12 months on an inconsistent income. Since doing this she’s become passionate about supporting others to break past habits and become empowered.

Sourdough Making with Jo Barrett | The Atrium (PAST WORKSHOP)

Tuesday 13 April | 12:30pm–1:30pm

Jo Barrett is a chef, baker, author, and our live-in resident with the futurefoodsystem at Fed Square.

In this listen and learn workshop Jo will take you through the 101’s of creating your own sourdough starter so that you can have instant and long lasting success with breadmaking in your home kitchen.

Fed Kidz Workshops (PAST WORKSHOP)

Throughout April school holidays

Not sure what to do these April school holidays with the kids? Fed Square has you covered! As part of our Fed Kidz April school holiday activities, we bring you Fed Free Kidz Workshops: a heap of fun (and free!) workshops specially designed for kids. From slime-making, crafting, music-making, learning Indigenous dancing: we’ve got it all! Check our Fed Free Kidz Workshop page for deets.

Mindful Fed-itation | Fed Square Big Screen (PAST WORKSHOP)

Monday–Thursday | 15 January–31 March | 1:00pm–1:30pm

We get it – it’s been a hell of ride of late. As part of Fed Oasis, we’ve created the ultimate space to unwind and relax at lunchtime.

Join us from Monday – Thursday at 1:00pm and sit back and enjoy the meditative visuals on the Big Screen accompanied by soothing sounds in the square. Bliss. 

Embroidery | The Atrium (PAST WORKSHOP)

Wednesday 17 March and Wednesday 24 March | 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Take up the needle and get ready to live, laugh and love (or not, taste depending) – learn embroidery with Fed Square! Pink Ember Studio is a queer-run cooperative from right here in Melbourne, and they’re the undisputed masters of their craft. Join us for a free session and get your creative side on – and nab something nice to hang in your home to boot!

Mocktail Masterclass with Nick Tesar (PAST WORKSHOP)

Tuesday 23 March | 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Join Nick Tesar of Bar Liberty for a very special mocktail masterclass – inspired by futurefoodsystem and using produce grown right here at Fed Square. Nick, Timeout mag’s 2020 Bartender of the Year, is co-author of the book All Day Cocktails – which teaches how you can make low or no-alcohol cocktails that you can enjoy every dayNick will show you how you can make show-stopping crowdpleasing mocktails utilising fresh, seasonal produce at your next event. Bottoms up!

Inner Warrior Yoga | The Atrium (PAST WORKSHOP)

Tuesdays | 19 January - 9 March | 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Awaken your inner warrior! Enjoy a powerful fusion of Kundalini yoga, tantric principles and embodied movement, providing deep relaxation, restoring balance and finding inner wisdom. Featuring flowing movements, rotations and dynamic hold-and-release poses, Inner Warrior Yoga invigorates the mind, is deeply healing and restorative, and re-energises the body from the inside out. Ahhh. 

Life Drawing | The Atrium (PAST WORKSHOP)

Wednesday 10 March | 6:30pm - 7:30pm

We’ve all seen it in the movies, but how many of us have tried our hand at the holy grail of drawing from life? Join Aaron, artist and co-founder of Pink Ember Studio, for an hour’s life drawing class – clothed, in case that was a dealbreaker – focusing on drawing techniques, negative space, tone and light.

Matcha Making | The Edge (PAST WORKSHOP)

Thursday 18 March | 6:15pm - 7:30pm

Learn the rich history and health benefits of matcha, explore a behind-the-scenes story of a Japanese tea ceremony, and taste freshly prepared matcha. Your instructor Harumi is a certified Japanese tea instructor and the founder of Okei-san Japanese Tea Plus. Her focus is to promote tea education through tastings, workshops and farm visitations where tea lovers can share in these exciting experiences! 

Making Confident Decisions | The Atrium (PAST WORKSHOP)

Tuesday 16 March | 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Expert decision-makers don’t have special powers – they just know the right questions to ask themselves to make confident decisions, every time … and now you can too! Join Anita van Rooyen of Confidence Hackers to Learn the secret ‘no-fail’ two-step formula to make decisions easily and effortlessly – no matter the situation or decision. And yes, you really can make great decisions in just two steps (without having to resort to rock/paper/scissors or a coin toss)! 

Burlesque | The Atrium (PAST WORKSHOP)

Tuesday 23 February and Tuesday 2 March | 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Want to perfect your Bump n’ Grind, and Peel n’ Reveal? Perhaps polish a Shimmie and a Strut? Here’s your chance. Be shown powerful seduction techniques and learn a sassy dance routine that’ll tap into your signature style and awaken your inner temptress. Tailored for all levels, you’ll get a fab body workout – just be sure to wear comfy leggings or shorts and low or flat shoes… plus any feathered accessories you wish! 

Mat Pilates | The Amphitheatre (PAST WORKSHOP)

Thursdays | 18 January - 25 February | 10:00am - 11:00am

Back in the CBD rat race? Loosen those limbs, feel the sun on your skin and get your morning yogi on thanks to Melbourne Yoga & Pilates. Great for improving posture and increasing strength, movements focus on your core, glutes and upper body for an all-round, low impact workout quicker than you can say ‘Just popping out. BRB’. From beginner to pro-yogi, all homo-sapiens are welcome. Namaste. 

Belly Dancing | The Atrium (PAST WORKSHOP)

Wednesday 20 January | 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Join the vibrant Ekaterini from Bellydance Bohemia as she guides you through this beautiful, expressive and empowering art form. You’ll be introduced to a rich repertoire of fundamental Belly Dance movements and be able to piece together a sequence in no time. Suitable for beginners and those wishing to refine the basics of this ancient form. 



Cocktail Masterclass with Taxi Kitchen | The Atrium (PAST WORKSHOP)

Friday 22 January | 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Join mixmaster Imran, from Grand Hyatt, RACV Club and Waterfront Southgate fame, as he bestows his secret techniques for preparing not one but two of his signature cocktails. Stick around to taste test the end result! And perhaps kick on for more excellent cocktail’s on Transit’s rooftop with views to match. Cheers! 


Goal Setting with The Moon | The Atrium (PAST WORKSHOP)

Thursday 21 January | 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Each month the moon changes in the night sky, from new to full and back again. Learn how working with the cycles of the moon can help you connect with your intuition and work with your natural flow, helping to set goals, focus your energy, and reduce burn-out and exhaustion. Peace. 


Outdoor Photography with Rozalind | The Atrium (PAST WORKSHOP)

Saturday 30 January | 11:00am - 2:00pm

Join Rozalind as she shares her everyday tips and tricks for creating gallery-worthy shots using the great outdoors as the subject matter. You’ll be required to bring your own camera to this 1-hour roving introduction class and the group will be guided around Fed Square, learning tips on daylight, shooting locations, angles & perspectives, while slowing down and observing the surrounds through the lense. 

Hawaiian Hula | The Atrium (PAST WORKSHOP)

Wednesday 3 February | 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Move your body to the motion of the ocean, carry yourself like a proud warrior and dance to the beats of the tropics – come along and hula the night away with Meagan. In this class you’ll learn the origin of Hawaiian hula, appreciate the grace and charm of Hawaiian story tellers and learn of ancient gods and goddesses that hold the secrets to this incredible art form. Sarong optional, but highly encouraged!

Introduction to Philosophy | The Atrium (PAST WORKSHOP)

Wednesday 10 February | 6:15pm - 7:30pm

Got burning questions about truth, knowledge, beauty, morality, politics, God, justice, and more? Get in line! For millennia, humans have asked questions, and many answers have been controversial. In this beginners class we’ll chat about what philosophy might be and why it’s important, as we delve into the history of the subject, and see how some great thinkers have tackled some big questions. Holy moly. 

Gardening with Joost | River Terrace (PAST WORKSHOP)

Tuesday 23 February | 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Join Joost Bakker at futurefoodsystem – his newest eco-venture at Fed Square – for an exclusive masterclass on how you can rethink your living spaces and grow your own food at home! From complete noob to lifelong green thumb alike, this workshop is for everyone with a mind to live sustainably.

All workshops are dependent on COVID-19 restrictions as per State Government advice. To read our COVID-safe plan, click here.

Inventi Ensemble (PAST WORKSHOP)

Friday 14 January | 10:30am-11am | The Edge

Join Inventi Ensemble at this inclusive, free concert and workshop designed for kids aged between three and nine. This interactive experience encourages children to learn more about music through participation and demonstration.

Parents, carers, and kids are all welcome to attend and participate in the 30 minute workshop. Hear and join in with the wonderful Inventi Ensemble classical music concerts, in a calm environment.

Full vaccination status will be checked upon arrival.

Book Now
Paint Victoria with Champainting by Cork & Canvas (PAST WORKSHOP)

Tuesday 25 January | 6pm-8pm | The Edge


During this session, you’ll be guided by Champainting by Cork and Canvas’s professional artists to paint a colourful cityscape of Melbourne. All art materials will be provided during the session ensuring you have exactly what you need to create your very own masterpiece. 

Full vaccination status will be checked upon arrival.

Paint Victoria with Champainting by Cork & Canvas (PAST WORKSHOP)

Friday 4 February | 6pm-8pm | The Edge


During this session, you’ll be guided by Champainting by Cork and Canvas’s professional artists to paint the wonderful Yarra Valley. All art materials will be provided during the session ensuring you have exactly what you need to create your very own masterpiece.

Full vaccination status will be checked upon arrival.

Indigenous Weaving with Emma Stenhouse (PAST WORKSHOP)

Sunday 13 February & Sunday 20 February | 11am-1pm | The Edge

Join Emma Stenhouse as she guides you on a two-class series of Indigenous Weaving and the history of weaving in our country. We advise you to book both sessions – Sunday 13 and Sunday 20 February – as you will continue the lesson the following week. Participants will receive a weaving kit with instructions included to take home with you.

Full vaccination status will be checked upon arrival.

Core Strength with Non-gendered Fitness (PAST WORKSHOP)

Saturday 26 February | 10am-11am | The Atrium

This core strength and mobility session is designed to get you moving in a low intensity way. Over the duration of the session, you’ll work through a series of core and glute-focused strength movements which are combined with gentle stretches and joint mobility exercises. This session is designed to be challenging but achievable. You’re encouraged to work at your own pace, doing only as much as what feels right for you, resting as often as you need and to enjoy yourself. Please wear appropriate clothing for exercise, wear running/training shoes and bring a water bottle and sweat towel.

About Non-Gendered Fitness: We are a non-gendered fitness training community! We support queer, transgender, and gender diverse folks to use fitness training to transition non-medically, to support their medical transition pathways and to improve their health and wellbeing in a safe and inclusive environment.

Full vaccination status will be checked upon arrival.

Lunchtime Sweat with Bodhi & Ride (PAST WORKSHOP)

Friday 18 February, Friday 25 February, Friday 4 March | 12pm-12:45pm | Atrium

Join in a 45-minute spin-based class at Fed Square with Bodhi & Ride, suitable for all levels of experience. Please BYO socks, trainers or cleat-shoes (cleat-shoes not provided), sweat towel and water bottle. Bodhi & Ride is an inclusive community that is about supporting riders of all abilities and the classes promote pushing through doubts and insecurities, getting your heart-rate up, toning muscles and increasing metabolism. Bodhi & Ride is about more than just a ride. Learn more about Bodhi & Ride’s philosophy.

Full vaccination status will be checked upon arrival.

Embroidery Workshop with Pink Ember Studio (PAST WORKSHOP)

Wednesday 9 March, Wednesday 16 March, Wednesday 23 March, Wednesday 30 March | 5:30pm-6:30pm | The Atrium

Participate in a four-week embroidery program presented by Pink Ember Studio, as part of the Fed Free Workshops. Participants are welcome to book for each of the four classes or to book a single class. Pink Ember Studio will teach two new stitches every week, with no prior training necessary. Embroidery beginners are welcome and encouraged. All materials will be provided.

Pink Ember Studio is a queer-run cooperative from right here in Melbourne, and they’re the undisputed masters of their craft. Join us for a free workshop and get creative!

Week One | You will learn the fundamental line stitches, back stitch and running stitch.

Week Two | You will learn advanced line stitches, stem stitch and chain stitch.

Week Three | You will learn two knotted stitches, French knots and bullion.

Week Four | You will learn a filling stitch, brick stitch.

Full vaccination status will be checked upon arrival.

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