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Fivex at Fed Square

This is a past event


14 March 2022 - 27 March 2022
8:30pm - 9:30pm Daily
9:30pm - 11:30pm


Digital Facade


Lift access
Wheelchair accessible

Getting There

Fivex Art projects showcased at Fed Square, nightly 14 – 27 March 2022

Fed Square is pleased to present two significant public art initiatives by the Fivex Foundation: artworks selected for the first Fivex Art Prize: Billboard Art Reimagined, reconfigured for Fed Square’s digital façades; and pulse, an immersive ambient video by distinguished artist Gary Deirmendjian. A subtle rhythmical light field, pulse is a fitting expression of the city’s resilient heartbeat in direct response to the series of COVID lockdowns.

Joshua Berger, founder and director of The Fivex Foundation and Fivex Art Prize, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with Federation Square to provide audiences another opportunity to experience these wonderful artworks within Melbourne’s landmark public space.”

The Fivex Art Prize, a unique and major Australian art award was launched in Melbourne in December 2020. The artworks premiered on the large iconic QMS Media billboards, located opposite Flinders St station.

FIVEX ART PRIZE 2020 : Artists / Artworks

Co-winning artist Catherine Clover’s (VIC) Song Cycle is based on the phonetic words used by bird field guides to approximate the songs of the indigenous Red Wattlebird and the introduced Common Starling, both local to Melbourne’s CBD.

Co-winning artist Daniel Kotsimbos’ (VIC) Peak Frequency is a data visualisation of sonic patterns recorded at the billboards’ location. The spectrogram encourages critical awareness of the systematic and routine foundations of our public lives.

Multidisciplinary designer, photographer and poet Magdalene Carmen’s (VIC) Hello Sign / Hey! Sign celebrates bold urban street art by combining the simple, distinct forms of road signs with smartphone aesthetics.

Illustrator Phi Do’s (VIC) Move in All Directions is a stylised tribute to the city’s geometric layout and Flinders and Elizabeth street intersection, Melbourne’s only diagonal crossing.

Artist Deborah Kelly’s (NSW) Evolutionary Exuberance captures the complex inter-species entanglement of city life whilst reminding viewers of the natural world’s resilience and promise of harmony.

Artist and curator Kent Morris’ (VIC) photographic montage, City of the Future, features Australia’s native songbird the Magpie to highlight the Indigenous histories and stories that are central to Melbourne’s landscape and its future.

Fivex Art Prize 2020 artworks and pulse are re-presented by The Fivex Foundation in association with Federation Square.

Screening nightly
Fivex Art Prize: 8.30pm–9.30pm
pulse: 9.30pm–11.30pm