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Cooking Classes with Free to Feed

This is a past event


Thursday 19 November 2020
6pm - 7:30pm

Sunday 29 November 2020
11:30am - 1pm


Lift access
Wheelchair accessible

Getting There

Learn recipes that tell tales of generations of home cooks

In our immersive, hands-on cooking experiences¬†you will¬†connect with rich cultural traditions and learn recipes that tell tales of generations of home cooks. Our experiences are an intimate and vibrantly merry experience ‚Äď a journey of discovery, sharing and bountiful, delicious feasting.¬†¬†

We are¬†told that participating in one of our experiences like a unique travel experience ‚Äď with us you can forget your passport, all you need is an appetite!¬†

Join in or host one of our experiences and indulge in incredible flavours and heady aromas. You will learn about authentic recipes from all around the world. Come and celebrate a special event with family and friends by doing something unexpected, delectable, and supportive of a good cause. Or roll up your sleeves just because! Fervent foodie or first-timer, everyone is welcome in our kitchen. 

(Above: Play this video to watch the stream live)

Persian Menu | 6:00pm | 19 November

Live-streaming on this page

Vegetarian Khoreshe Bademjoon & Shirazi Salad

  • Braised eggplant with lentils, tomato and potato
  • Saffron rice
  • Tomato, cucumber, onion and mint

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Assyrian Menu | 11:30am | 29 November

Live-streaming on this page

Vegetarian Mujaddara, Mutbal Kousa & Fattoush Salad

  • Ancient rice and lentils with crispy onions¬†
  • Fried zucchini with tahini & yoghurt dressing ¬†
  • Mixed vegetable, crispy pita bread salad with a pomegranate molasses dressing

View the recipes here

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About Free to Feed 

Free to Feed¬†is a not-for-profit social enterprise in awe of the potential and spirit of refugees, people seeking asylum and new migrants ‚Äď and appreciative of what they want to offer as new community members ‚Äď we aim to champion their unique skills and individual stories.¬†

Free to Feed was founded in late 2015 with the express purpose of assisting people seeking asylum to a. find meaningful employment opportunities using their existing skills and experiences and b. facilitate community inter connectivity and break the stifling sense of social isolation often faced by these new arrivals.