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The Atrium


9 September 2016 - 16 October 2016 | Daily | 24 Hours




Connect with an awe-inspiring installation by Felipe Reynolds in The Atrium.

Play is the key. Awe is the goal. Has electronic technology, tablets, texting and online chatting all but replaced true, genuine human interaction? But Baby wants to play with you! Our constant human need for engagement, affirmation, play and novelty is sweetly captured by HUMAN MOBILE.

Inspired by the Sistine Chapel ceiling, Michelangelo’s ‘The Creation of Adam’ is reimagined. In this classic Renaissance scenario brought to reality in 3D colossal form, the baby becomes Adam and YOU become God. Reaching up, your fingers igniting, the creation of humankind is born. The baby’s posture follows the idealized Roman rules for depicting the human classical form. Now FAT, it comments on the contemporary condition and life of excess in the 21st century.

Human Mobile is the first in a new, twice-yearly series of large-scale creative commissions in The Atrium at Fed Square. The Atrium Series will feature new works from some of Australia’s most exciting and prominent transdisciplinary artists. 


During the school holidays, interactive ping pong balls become a giant mobile, amusing the baby and making the active spectator become part of the artwork. This physical engagement is encouraged, with an emphasis on activity.

This special school holiday activity will take place between September 19th to 23rd and September 26th to 30th


“I have always found the colossal form breathtaking. When I see gigantic feats of wonder, it sparks possibilities of what could be and makes imagination run wild. This spark is my driving force. I think sculpting the Human form is one of the most difficult. Doing it out of thin air, more so. It has its challenges, but using computers to help design and cut, makes things much easier.”

Felipe Reynolds


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