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The Atrium


1 April 2015 - 31 May 2015 | Daily | 24 Hours



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See 200 flying bat sculptures suspended from the cavernous heights of The Atrium in an awe-inspiring new exhibition by Melbourne artist, Kathy Holowko.

Commissioned by Fed Square’s Creative Program, Kathy Holowko’s Batmania celebrates the fruit bat as an intriguing and iconic addition to Melbourne city and will be brought to life with an accompanying soundscape by sound artist Darius Kedros. 

The project stems from Kathy’s fascination with the fruit bat, the unique wild urban animal that adds a touch of gothic beauty to Melbourne skies.

As successful colonisers in urban areas, fruit bats are a rare example of the coexistance of human and wild animal in a shared habitat. The bat is experienced by people up to 50 kilometres from its roost in Melbourne’s CBD as it travels vast distances each night in search of food, yet for many it still remains a mystery and an unacknowledged presence. Batmania explores this complex interconnection between the human and bat, with the aim of demystifying and highlighting the beauty of the animal.

Kathy studied Fine Art and Sculpture at RMIT and is renowned for her immersive sculptural works and installations. Her projects often involve interactive or participatory experiences in public places.

Some of the bat sculptures were made during workshops held at Kathy’s Brunswick studio in early 2015. Participants were invited to workshops to help make a bat that would be added to the installation using casting, painting and other processes. These workshops also became a space to share stories about experiences and knowledge of local fruit bats. St Columbus Girls College hosted Kathy as an artist in residence during 2014 where students could also participate in the bat making process.

Supported by Fed Square Creative Program and the City of Melbourne 2015 Arts Grants Program.



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