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24 March 2021 - 30 March 2021
24 Hours

Fed Square is pleased to present a series of inspirational and  showcases and talks as part of Melbourne Design Week 2021. 

In 2021, designers come together at Melbourne Design Week to explore the theme: ‘design the world you want’ – through the lenses of care, community and climate.

Join us at Fed Square to explore how the design community can work together to create a better, healthier future for the planet and its inhabitants.

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Check out the program at Fed Square below: 

Design the World You Want with Joost Bakker and Jo Barrett

Presented by Fed Square in partnership with Melbourne Design Week and futurefoodsystem.

Wednesday, 24 March | 6:00pm – 7:00pm 

Imagine a building that grows food. Now imagine millions of buildings that grow food. futurefoodsystem – Joost Bakker’s living eco-experiment currently at Fed Square – shows that our urban environment can be fertile ground. Technology can be adopted that allows for closed loop systems to exist: what society today calls ‘waste’ becomes a valuable resource, like energy and nutrients, that nourishes urban crops, insects, diverse aquaponics systems – then ultimately us.

By celebrating foods that can be grown in this system and adopting this idea on a large scale we can radically change our destructive food systems – encouraging and supporting regenerative agriculture, agro-forestry, rewilding and protecting our remaining wilderness.

Waterfront: The Great Birrarung Parkland

A half day program of films, discussion and river tour focused on the Yarra River as one integrated living entity, to advocate for Indigenous rights and values, and for a more ecologically balanced future Melbourne. With a focus on the design driven regeneration of the River corridor between Punt Road Cremorne and Wallen Road, Burnley.

Waterfront: The Great Birrarung Parkland Film Screening

Presented by Open House Melbourne in partnership with Fed Square.

Sunday 28 March | 12:30pm – 1:30pm | The Edge

An offering of different viewpoints on the Yarra River (Birrarung) through film, providing alternate perspectives on our river and connection to water. Films include:

  • ‘Outfall’: James Wright’s beautifully composed film that portrays the rich biodiversity of the Western Treatment Plant as a thriving ecosystem. Running time: 20 minutes.
  • ‘Birrarung’: Maudie Palmer’s visual poem of the Yarra River from source to sea. Running time: 30 minutes.

Waterfront: Envisioning the Great Birrarung Parkland

Presented by Open House Melbourne in partnership with Fed Square.

Sunday 28 March | 1:30pm – 3:00pm | The Edge

A public event and panel discussion led by members of the Birrarung Council – as the Voice of the River. Council members and invited guests will share views about how our understanding of bi-cultural approaches, sustainable design and the history of the Yarra River (Birrarung) can inform our ideas for regenerating the Wallen Road to Punt Road River corridor.

Designing our future using the ‘waste’ of the past  

Presented by Sustainability Victoria in partnership with Fed Square.

Tuesday, 30 March | 6:00pm – 8:00pm | The Edge

Delivered in partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) as part of Melbourne Design Week, this dynamic event will explore how designers can help in the fight food waste – through intervention, collaboration and creative exploration of waste, supply chains, manufacturing, and materials.Join Matt Wicking, facilitator from Cloud Catcher leading conversations with local food-focused designers and innovators to discuss how to bring Australia’s zero-waste future into the present and inspire others to eliminate food waste through design.

At the event:

Explore our pre-show marketplace to uncover designs leading the charge towards our zero-waste future and meet the designers behind these innovations. You will leave empowered to take your first steps on The Path to Half into the decade that halves Victoria’s food waste by 2030.


Matt Wicking


An experienced facilitator, host and speaker, Matt works with progressive groups, helping them amplify their impact. A recent feature, ’12 Australian Thinkers You Should Know About’, described his work: “As a musician, writer, presenter and facilitator his gift is making complex ideas simple and beautiful. An experience with Matt [is of a] master facilitator, an enthraller of crowds and an enchanting musician”. Previous roles include: Lead Facilitator of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership Fellowship program; Greenie-in-Residence at Arts House; Communications Advisor at the Bureau of Meteorology; environmental educator with Monash Sustainable Development Institute; and many years as a sustainability consultant. Matt currently works as freelance MC and facilitator with Cloud Catcher and sings with Melbourne band, The General Assembly.

Vanessa Murillo

Co-Founder of I Am Grounded

Vanessa Murillo is co-founder of I Am Grounded, a better-for-you snack company based in Brisbane that harnesses the power of upcycling the natural by-product of the coffee cherry, to contribute positive environmental and social change in coffee producing and coffee drinking communities.Migrating from Colombia, Vanessa grew up in a family of food & coffee entrepreneurs and is passionate about building business for purpose, people and the planet. Holding a dual Bachelors in Journalism Communications and Political Science, as well as a postgraduate in Integrated Marketing Communications, she has worked as a digital/content marketer and loves taking consumer goods into the digital age via e-commerce. In 2019, she was nominated as a Top marketer for B&T’s 30 under 30 and in 2020, I Am Grounded was selected as one of the top 15 global start-ups in Consumer-Packaged Goods by Rabobank’s Foodbytes. 10 years ago, Vanessa took up yoga and meditation which started her journey to explore the relationship between sustainability and wellness.

Jordy & Julia Kay

CEO and Co-Founders of Great Wrap

For the past 12 years, Julia and Jordy Kay have made wines and designed buildings around the world in their respective careers. They found themselves living through what is one of the most divisive, destructive and exciting periods in history, with the technology and science to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. This is what led them to start Great Wrap.

Stretch wrap, whilst not the most exciting product, has the power to reshape the plastic industry, an industry worth $1.2 trillion USD every year. In 2018, Australia used 150,000 tonnes of stretch wrap, just once, and then sent it to landfill. It holds together pallets of stock for almost every business and keeps millions of meals fresh everyday across the country.

This year Great Wrap will be converting food waste into wrap. Working with Monash University, the process they have created uses bacteria to turn starch into PHA, a resin that is compostable, landfill biodegradable and marine biodegradable, meaning it will leave nothing behind regardless of where it goes.

In 2022 Great Wrap will begin their global diversification, building facilities in the EU and the US. At this point they will have made enough wrap to circumnavigate the world 100 times over or travel to the moon and back 10 times. They aim to become the world’s largest maufacturer of stretch wrap, reducing food waste along the way.

Kate Dundas

Director Strategic Foresight and Research, Sustainability Victoria

Kate was appointed Director Strategic Foresight and Research Sustainability Victoria in July 2020.

Kate is a creative leader, designer and strategist who is passionate about bringing diverse groups of people together to make sense of complex problems. Experience across the public and private sectors in strategic planning, sustainability, urban design and business development allows her to draw upon a mix of tools, methods and networks to deliver results.

Kate co-founded 3000acres – a project aiming to get more people growing more food in more places – and 5up5down, a project to tackle social isolation. Kate also co-hosted Greening the Apocalypse on 3RRR for four years.