Posted October 20, 2017

Want a Truly Spooky Halloween?

It’s pitch black, you’re in a shipping container with 25 other people and you’re summoning the dead. Random noises appear from within and you wonder if it’s real, or just your imagination.

Séance is our Halloween installation created by Glen Neath and David Rosenberg and will definitely send shivers down your spine. The sell-out event makes its debut in Australia after a sell-out attendance at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Presented by Realscape Productions in association with DARKFIELD, it asks audiences to question the psychology behind the traditional Seance and where the human mind plays tricks on us.

What others have said about it:

“Séance is Rosenberg and Neath’s best collaboration to date, a creepy and manipulative miniature which unsettles and makes you question not just your senses but what you actually believe.” Lyn Gar

Visit between October 27 and 12 November, 2pm-10pm
$20 per person, buy tickets here