Posted October 24, 2016

Unique Virtual Reality experiences at ACMI

Virtual Reality (VR) has made a huge comeback this year, and we simply can’t get enough of it.

VR uses computer technology to create a simulated environment and places the user inside an experience. It certainly isn’t new; in fact it’s believed to have begun in the 1950’s but elements of it can be traced back as far as the 1860’s. The term ‘virtual reality’ was created in the late 80’s by 24 year old Silicon Valley programmer, Jaron Lanier and it became the buzzword of the late 80’s – early 90’s.  It’s popularly however soon dropped off due to technological and financial limitations.

But lets forget the history lesson and fast forward 30 plus years where everyone from tech giants Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Facebook to Tourism agencies worldwide is bringing virtual reality out of the shadows and into our lives.

Luckily we don’t need to go far for a very unique VR encounter.  Right on our doorstep, ACMI are taking VR experiences to the next level with their awesome line-up of events.

Ever want to be ghost? Check out Ghosts, Toast and the Things Unsaid,  ACMI’s latest VR Commission, developed by ACMI X resident Sandpit, and creative technology company Grumpy Sailor, made in partnership with Google’s Creative Lab in Sydney.

This VR experience like no other will be in ACMI just in time for Halloween! Audiences are invited to don a ghost costume and step into the lives of two characters, couple Maude and Steve, and enter the kitchen where they fell in love, grew old together and then eventually grew apart. In this intimate, two-person experience, the audience will choose which ghost they will inhabit, then enter into the memory of their character and journey through time, discovering what went wrong in their relationship. It is a reflection on our tendency to keep secrets and how keeping things unsaid affects our relationships.


Thirsty for more VR experiences? Visit the special one-day event Game Changer: ACMI VR Festival  during Melbourne International Games Week.

What’s it like reaching the top of Everest? You can find out without the grueling hard work!
Immerse yourself in the cutting edge tech of Virtual Reality and explore exotic worlds developed by some of the best minds in the business, all made possible by the HTC Vive. Featuring the Vive headset, the world’s first truly immersive VR equipment with hand-tracking and room-scaling sensors allowing you to move freely through 3D environments. As VR takes over ACMI, you will have the rare opportunity to try out the full range of VR platforms, as well as attend a range of panel discussions.­ Works on offer are: Earthlight, developed in consultation with space agencies, EVEREST VR, Everest in five iconic scenes, VR Funhouse, a virtual carnival, and TheBlu, an encounter, bringing viewers face-to-face with an 80-foot blue whale.

A number of VR Experiences currently at ACMI can also be enjoyed throughout the day: Collisions: Lynette Wallworth, Ghosts, Toast and the Things Unsaid and Stuck in the Middle With You.


Ghosts, Toast and the Things Unsaid | 29 Oct – 13 Nov| From 10.30am | Free | Strictly limited to 24 tickets per day + only 2 tickets per booking.

Game Changer: ACMI VR Festival runs for one day only , Thursday 3 November, between 12pm – 8pm. And it’s free!