Posted February 5, 2017

Pause Fest set to return to Fed Square

Pause,  Australasia’s premier innovation festival, is set to return to the heart of Melbourne from February 8th, with three full-throttle Creative, Tech and Business days.

A catalyst for innovation, a uniter of all creative disciplines, and a platform for the future, Pause thrusts curious minds from the global digital community together, offering endless opportunities to hear from, discuss with and even pitch to the world’s most prolific thoughtleaders over the course of three full-throttle days.

With a heady mix of up close, down to earth and out of this world, Pause’s influence has extended far beyond its Melburnian roots to become the leading conference and festival of its kind for the entire Asia Pacific region.

Since its humble beginnings as a series of films on the Big Screen seven years ago, Pause Fest has been supported by Fed Square’s Creative Program and this ever-growing partnership continues in 2017.

Check the event page for more information on the full programme and schedule of events.