Posted August 24, 2016

Instagram Takeover with Allysha Webber

See Fed Square through the eyes of photographer, Allysha Webber, as she took hold of Fed Square’s Instagram account for one week.


Allysha shares with us what it was like to be Fed Square’s resident Instagrammer.

What was it like taking pictures at Fed Square?

Being at Fed Square daily taking photos was an incredible experience. There were constantly new things to see and do, and I found myself leaving at night wishing I could’ve done more!

What was your favourite spot in the Square to photograph?

Definitely under the Big Screen, right in the heart of Fed Square. This is where people from all walks of life come together daily to get involved in all the action & energy of Fed Square. I spent the most enjoyable hours of my week under the Big Screen capturing all the activity, from the daily Olympics coverage to the amazing Bollywood dance competition, and even a surprise ballerina performance. There really wasn’t a dull moment!

What did you learn about Fed Square that you didn’t know before the Takeover?

I learnt how ahead of its time Fed Square was in regards to environmental sustainability, with a 1.2km concrete labyrinth built beneath it, designed to cool The Atrium, Deakin Edge and some public areas during summer, and to supplement heating during winter. This environmentally sustainable cooling system was envisioned long before phrases like ‘carbon footprint’ were common place and has meant that air conditioning requirements can be impressively reduced by over 50%.

How long have you been using Instagram?

Since 2014.

What do you like about Instagram versus other social media platforms?

I like the opportunities Instagram provides artists, professional and amateur alike. It’s a great platform for sharing one’s creative portfolio, and allows artists to gain amazing opportunities such as the one I’ve been lucky enough to have with Fed Square.

See a collection of the many photos captured by Allysha in the video below or search for #FedSquareTakeover on Instagram.