Posted August 1, 2017

How You Know You're a Winter Person

We’re edging our way closer and closer to the end of winter. While most of us rejoice, there are many of us who are glum that the teeth-chatteringly cold weather is coming to an end.

Here is how you know you’re a winter person:

  • You get excited about winter activities; when we had ice skating at River Rink, you were the first one there lacing up your skates and you’ve memorised the rest our winter program.
  • Forget Aperol Spritz, mulled wine is always your drink of choice.
  • Winter fashion wins – you get to rug up in chunky knits, layer up with a big scarf and rock a pair of boots.
  • There’s something special about coming home in winter. It’s a cosy safe haven to retreat to after battling your way through the cold outdoors. You don’t feel guilty about catching up on your favourite TV shows and munching on hearty snacks (we need an extra layer for warmth right?).