Posted September 12, 2017

Fringe Festival at Fed Square 2017

Fringe Festival (14 September-1 October) celebrates cultural diversity within Melbourne arts. The events never fail to captivate and enthrall audiences who attend them. The Festival demonstrates the amazing creativity that simmers within our city.

Fed Square is lucky enough to host some of these events this year, all of which are free. There are some real show stoppers you should jot down to see in your Fringe schedule.

Pivot, 14-29 September

A sea of sculptural seesaws, equipped with built-in voice communicators with a mind of their own will be placed around Fed Square. With an artificially intelligent guide, you and your playground counterpart will be poked, probed, questioned and counselled as you seesaw your way to equilibrium. Pivot will help unleash your inner child as it playfully looks at the role of conversation in our democracy, gifting you, the people of our city, a voice.

On the 23 September at 3:00pm, you’ll get the chance to meet the artists behind Pivot, Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey who, together with an experienced accessibility guide, will give you a hands-on introduction to Pivot.

Art Access Victoria, 28-29 September

Discarded Light 11:00am-3:00pm

Create your own artwork in this drop-in workshop, using a wheelie bin that has been modified with a lens, a mirror and a hood to create a portable Camera Obscura. When used as a drawing tool the bins flatten complex three dimensional forms on to a screen covered in tracing film or paper. The projected image can then be drawn, painted or rendered in any medium resulting in accurate drafts of the viewed scene.

Our Rightful Place 3:00pm-4:00pm

In this performance spoken word artists and poets will share their compelling stories about their diverse experiences as people with disability or deaf people. This event is produced by Arts Access Victoria (AAV), the state’s leading arts and disability organisation.

Spotlight Stage, 23 September, 12:00pm

With so many intriguing shows taking place throughout the Festival period, you may find it hard to choose a select few to go to. Spotlight Stage gives you snippets from some of the best shows taking place at this year’s Fringe. The main stage at the Square will be taken over by these shows and hopefully leave you with a better idea of what you will go and see.

The Other Film Festival, 27 September

On the Spectrum, 6:30pm and Looking at Me, 8:00pm

Join The Other Film Festival for a screening that will challenge your perceptions by showing the rich breadth and diversity of the lived experience of people with disability across the world.

The Other Film Festival, Australia’s foremost disability led film festival, is produced by Arts Access Victoria. The festival is changing how the community thinks about disability. We do this by programming provocative international and Australian films that challenge the invisibility in which disability is too often shrouded. We deliver best practice standards of access for our audience and speakers, setting new international benchmarks for cinema accessibility.

For the full program, visit the Fringe website.