Posted September 5, 2016

Fitness at Fed Square: Q&A with Coach Chris

Fitness at Fed Square offers free classes to help people living and working in the city keep fit and healthy, with simple, fun and invigorating classes. We spoke to instructor Coach Chris to get you the low down.


What kind of workout can people expect at Fitness at Fed Square?

We do a full body workout best described as free-form fitness. It uses body weight so is perfectly attuned to each individual’s needs. Fed Square is ideal for it as we have all the features needed: steps, block stairs, and a soft, high friction artificial turf at the Amphitheatre. We also do Boxfit which involves basic boxing skills using gloves and mitts. We combine this with a lower body and core workout to give people full-body fitness.

If I’m a beginner (maybe even someone who never goes to the gym..) can I still come?

Yes!  All our exercises are designed to be done at differing levels of difficulty, from athlete to couch potato. There are many coaches at each session who demonstrate the different levels so that people can choose whichever suits them best. The idea is for everyone to get a challenging workout no matter what their level, from completely new entry to super star. If people aren’t sure or are not used to exercising, our coaches will intervene to assist. Some classes we also split off a more demanding group for our regulars to keep them challenged and reaching for better results.

What are the benefits of the class?

The benefits of exercise are well known, but the main benefits our members tell us they enjoy include:

  • The social aspect of our groups
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Less soreness during the day while sitting at desks
  • Improved fitness
  • Weight management

Will I feel really sore the next day?!

If you haven’t exercised for some time, then you can expect some stiffness the next day.  However, coaches assess all first timers on how to proceed without feeling too uncomfortable afterwards. You won’t be discouraged from coming back!

What do you think one of the best aspects of Fitness at Fed Square is?

Unquestionably the social aspect.  People are naturally social and exercise can be a lonely activity, but it needn’t be.  Participants really enjoy encouraging each other – especially first timers – to help them become healthier and fitter. In particular, our participants love the social aspect post workout, which is done at our club next door. We crank the music and serve healthy recovery drinks; friends are made and coaches get to know their participants better.

How long have you taught this class and how did you get into it?

We’ve taught this class for three years now. We were looking for a way to teach people our philosophy of living a healthy active lifestyle; 20% exercise, 80% nutrition and 100% mindset and gratitude. By giving our skills to the community we’ve been able to build a wonderful network of like-minded people, enjoying permanent healthy change in their lives.  We can’t say you will live longer, but by every measure worth considering, if you learn how to live a healthy active lifestyle, you’ll live better.


Fitness at Fed Square is offered as part of Bupa Plus Health & Wellbeing Classes at Fed Square, free activities to help benefit your physical and mental health.

Fridays | 7am – 7:45am | Flinders St Amphitheatre

Tuesdays | 6pm – 6:45pm | River Terrace