Posted August 5, 2017

Fed Square Live: The Full 2017 Program

Taking Fed Square Live to the winter months for the very first time, Fed Square and ACMI co-present a series of five free concerts throughout August with City of Melbourne as sponsor.

Nestled into the upper plaza and ACMI Bar & Café, this music series will engage local and emerging artists, from a number of genres. Here is the full list of talented artists you’ll get the chance to hear from:

3 August – Rya Park and Au Dré

10 August – Mike Waters and Ariela Jacobs

17 August – Emilee South and The Louis King Trio

24 August – Francois and Niasha

31 August – Umlaut and Cyclo Timik

Wrap your hands around a cheeky mulled wine and expect the unexpected this winter – Thursday nights in The Square just became the new kick start your weekend!