Posted February 18, 2017

Fashion Films Sneak Peak

Take a look at some of the stella films selected to screen on Fed Square’s Big Screen as part of Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Film Popcorn Screenings.


The Making Of… // Kuwaii


Charles Eames once said “the details are not the details. They make the design.” With our new film The Making Of, we wanted to celebrate our unique story of our local makers and craftspeople, who work on Kuwaii pieces with a genuine care and an outstanding level of skill, right here in Melbourne. We felt it’s time to celebrate the incredible detail that goes into making each pair of shoes, to show exactly how they are made, and who makes them.

Over the years, increasingly we have come to realise and celebrate the fantastic and also very rare way in which our footwear is made. We also wanted to re-connect the wearer of the shoe with the process of making it. We wanted to introduce our customers to our makers, and show them the beautiful processes in which our pieces are made

Instead of purely celebrating the aesthetic of fashion, we decided that it was time to celebrate the process and all the hard work, care, craft and love that goes into making each and every piece of Kuwaii.

Genade // Cinema Thom


Freedom to dress, deserving of comfort, freedom of speech and a freedom to explore. Set on Lake Tyroll, an Australian salt lake which dried up during the 2002 drought, this particular landscape is a sign of the times and how far we’ve come. Honouring the cotton made on our shores and the body of she who wears it, we present Genade.

Genade, translates to ‘grace’ in Africaans. Influencing our casting, choreography and score, the film illustrates the fierce spirit of young women today, all the while trailblazing through their individual journeys with grace.

SZN // Running Panda Films


SZN takes you on a journey into the fashion designers imagination. As she envisions her designs they come to life in her imagination, through the movement of the dancers. This perfectly captures the influences and the creativity of fashion. It is to create an understanding of the passion and dedication of boutique fashion.

Gymnast // Glen TV Ltd


Gymnast is a fashion film paying homage to the Olympic gymnast.  An Olympic gymnast requires balance, elegance, power, speed and an attention to detail.  But most of all, she possesses courage. This film is a tribute to her. The film was shot in the birthplace of Gymnastics, Athens/Greece. ‘Gymnast’ stars three time Olympian Vasiliki Millousi from Greece wearing several haute couture outfits from designers including Laskaris Couture, Chotronette, Spiros Stefanoudakis, Archilleas Taktikos, Lila Nova, Vassilios Kostetsos, Adam Jamieson and Tierra Armstrong. It is directed and produced by Australian Glen MacKay who has worked in sports television and fashion productions for over twenty years.

The Fencer // Zephyr Graham


The Fencer is aimed at inspiring women to push beyond their limits, believe in themselves and face their fears. The heavy breathing in the beginning shows the fear, but despite that, the Fencer proceeds and engages in a spirited battle. At the end, after losing half their clothes, the fight is ended with a hug. The sport of fencing, and the women behind it, is merged with cutting-edge fashion from Zephyr Graham to create an innovative and unique Australian (Melbourne) production for the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. Two of Australia’s best fencers have kindly participated in this production.

Birds of Paradise // Lucy Folk

Birds of Paradise

The idea of getting back to nature is a cliché we all lean on when time is tough, when we feel overwhelmed and exhausted by our city lives. However, the barrier between the two need not be a barrier, natural living can exist in cities too. We can be who we want to be when we feel like it, even if it feels like an uncomfortable juxtaposition or an unlikely partnership. It can be a way of life….

For true originals, like Lucy Folk and like anyone who wears her pieces, creating your own identity in a sea of same and matching, is the ultimate badge of honour. It isn’t a holiday, it’s the real thing. This is all about being the person you want to be, bringing nature to your every day without having to take a break. It is about the seamless integration of all you ever wanted. It is about making your everyday your own, being original and daring in your choices, spiritual in your approach, stylish in your outlook.


Bimba y Lola – Goddess Wars // Canada


Marçal Forés strikes back with his third round of Bimba Y Lola’s: Goddess Wars. When the Princess is turned into gold and becomes immortal, a huge war breaks out – a battle to get hold of “The Purse”. Ladies, aim your pistols! // Zeitguised


A synthetic ghost shifts simulated textiles from passive matter to live organisms. They behave like apparitions in an artificial choreography, with movements that are imaginary yet familiar. Like a constant metamorphosis, the same sequence gets transformed over and over again. At each step, all aspects of the designs are modified, from algorithmic pattern to colour scheme to fabric behaviour. The results are meandering layers of style changes. A linear montage shows the intricate details. Shuffled layers of metronomic sounds emphasise the transformation fluctuating in and out of sync.

Gucci for Net-a-Porter // Camilla Lowther Management


The Gucci film has friendship at the very heart of it, not only that but it deals with the enticing episode in life when your friends come together. It is fuelled by the energy of camaraderie and the excitement of meeting up to go to a party or an event. The film is designed to describe the quietness of being on your own and making a plan, to the coming together of two friends and then thee and then more. Both the pace and emotion is designed to describe exactly that optimistic and emotional ark.

Synchronicity // Garrett Leight California Optical


This film is about synchronicity: two identical twins doing the exact same thing, at the exact same time. I’ve always found identical twins to be interesting and mysterious. Filmicly, I love symmetry and things being balanced in the frame, and with Synchronicity. I thought it might be funny to milk the comedy out of that. One of my favourite films of all time is The Shining. I was always obsessed with those two creepy twins in the hallway and I wanted to homage to that and make a quintessential short film about twins that they could watch and somewhat relate to.

Images and words via VAMFF Blog.