Posted June 22, 2017

CuriousWorks on Fed TV

CuriousWorks tells stories about ‘Another Australia’ – in film, theatre and online. Their work blends deep cultural understanding with innovative use of contemporary art forms, unleashing the power of ancient traditions through new technologies and distribution channels. Projects are nurtured over several years, and presented in partnership with key Australian or international cultural organisations.

As part of Winter Solstice Festival of Welcome (24 June) and Refugee Week, Fed TV will be screening a series of videos that exhibit refugee stories and multiculturalism in modern day Australia. These screenings will run between the 24 June-1 July.

You can expect to see the following videos:

‘Meet + Eat’ series
‘Villawood Mums’ – Documentary, directed by Guido Ganzales and Saif Jari.
‘Separation’ – Dance film, by Guido Gonzales, Selvan Raja, Elias Nohra, S. Shakthidharan.
‘Meet Bala’ – Documentary, by Selvan Raja.
‘Dark Moon’ – Drama/short, by Selvan Raja.
‘Beyond Refuge’ – Documentary, by Sean Ly, Guido Gonzales, S. Shakthidharan, Caitlin Newton-Broad, Gary Spink.

Fed Square is proud to support CuriousWorks.

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