Posted November 29, 2016

Belly Dancing at Fed Square: Q&A with Trisnasari

The gentle aerobic nature of belly dancing is great for strengthening core muscles, but it can be intimidating! We spoke to professional instructor Trisnasari to alleviate any hesitations you might have about trying Belly Dancing at Fed Square.


What are the health benefits of belly dancing?

Belly dancing is a low impact exercise with quite a number of health benefits; the term “belly dance” is misleading, as the range of movement facilitates the toning of stomach, glutes, calves, thighs, back and arms! So it helps to improve overall body tone; cardiovascular fitness; strengthen core stability without losing flexibility; gently stretch fascia and muscles; improve coordination; and even helps to improve mood.

What can someone expect from a typical class?

A typical class starts with a warm up. First, we start with breathing exercises and warm up the joints, then move into a gentle aerobic warm up and dynamic stretches. We learn some basic techniques, incorporating safe dance practice, posture and musicality. Then we build on our basic technique with combinations of movement. We learn about different rhythms, music and dance styles from the many regions in the Middle East. Finally, we cool down and stretch.

Is belly dancing hard for beginners?

Belly dance is harder than it looks, however with a good introduction and practice of the basics, beginners will find the movements get easier. Belly dance requires a mixture of good, strong posture and the ability to release and let things go. This is a tricky balance! The classes at Fed Square start from basics and sometimes we throw in little challenges for regular attendees.

Do you have any tips for someone trying belly dancing for the first time?

Don’t expect to get the movements straight away – it takes practice. Don’t focus on how the movement looks, but how it feels in your body. Don’t push any movements, but let them flow. Have fun! Enjoy the music. Enjoy the company of your fellow students and teacher, and have a bit of a giggle.

How long have you been doing belly dancing, and how did you get into it?

I started belly dance when I was 19, so I have been doing it for over 20 years. I learnt ballet and contemporary dance from when I was a young child, and wanted to learn something different. I enjoyed the music, the movement, the culture and the scene, and have never looked back!


Belly Dancing at Fed Square is offered as part of the Bupa Plus Health & Wellbeing Classes, free activities to help benefit your physical and mental health.

Season started Thursday 1 Dec | Selected Thursday’s  | 1pm – 1:30pm | The Atrium