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No Vacancy, The Atrium


17 January - 29 January | Monday - Saturday | 11am - 5pm | Sundays | 12pm - 5pm
Thursday 19 January | 6pm - 9pm
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The Remnants of Professor Featherstone - Jodi Blokkeerus

Jodi Blokkeerus is a Melbourne based visual artist, whose work looks at a sense of place and escapism. She is interested in places which seem ordinary and every day, yet hold a sense of mystery about them. She searches for that feeling of familiarity, yet somehow forgotten, like a dream or a memory.

Exploring her own imaginary landscapes, Jodi creates hybrid creatures out of discarded and abandoned objects, as well as clay, fur and material. She is interested in the history, memory and time captured within these rusted old objects; forgotten, but brought back to life in a different form.

Within this exhibition Jodi has created these glass domed creatures which act as mini time capsules.Under each dome is its own little universe with untold stories to discover.


Lift access & wheelchair accessible.
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