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Swanston St Forecourt


19 June 2015 - 20 June 2015 | Friday, Saturday | 5:30pm - 9pm



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Be dazzled by Flow, a digital garden of flower sculptures connected by streams of flowing light.

Centre yourself within this futuristic sculpture garden and awaken its flowers by making gentle hand gestures that will direct the flow of light through the structure. Each flower adds a unique voice to the lush, otherworldly soundscape; constructed with field recordings of the Tasmanian forests and fused with digital glitch and granular synthesis techniques.

Flow is a work from Melbourne-based creative team, Ethno Tekh. The project represents the evolution of Ethno Tekh’s work from traditional, screen-based digital mediums to a sculptural manifestation, while maintaining their vision of breaking down the barriers between the corporeal and digital worlds.

This movement into a physical medium has allowed Ethno Tekh to foster collaborations with fabric artist Catharina Schürenberg, sound artists Rob Clouth, Jake Rose, and engineer Travis Hammond who bring a wealth of complementary experience and unique viewpoints to this work.

Flow was first presented by Fed Square’s Creative Program earlier this year as part of Pause Fest 2015.

The Light in Winter is proudly supported by a range of partners and we thank them for their contributions.


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